Showcase 2015: Showcase Artists

Showcase artists will be announced in August 2014.

The IPAY Showcase Selection Committee met in June to consider applicants for Showcase 2015 in Philadelphia, PA. The artists chosen through this juried process will be announced in August 2014. The Artists listed here were part of the 2014 Showcase in Pittsburg and may serve to give you an idea of the programmatic content of IPAY Showcase.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014
Company: GF Spectacles
Title of Performance: Cocorico
Country: France
Age Range: 5+
Genre: Mime/Physical Comedy
Website: http://www.johnlambert.ca/English/portfolios/patrice-thibaud/

Photo: Celine Albertine
For 80 minutes, Cocorico's Patrice Thibaud and Philippe Leygnac deliver a performance that is funny and surprising. This unlikely duo bring to the stage a series of choreographed vignettes that communicate a universe of meaning through movement, humor and simple humanity, all without uttering a word. Thibaud and Leygnac conjure up recognizable characters and situations in the blink of an eye.
9:30–10:50am, August Wilson Center Theater

Company: 24th STreet Theatre (Showcase Alternate)
Title of Performance: Walking the Tightrope
Country: USA
Age Range: 8+
Genre: Theatre
Website: http://www.24thstreet.org/

Photo: Cindy Marie Jenkins
Written by one of England's playwrights for young audiences, Mike Kenny, Walking the Tightrope is a sweet and funny story of a grandfather who, while trying to tell his 5 year-old granddaughter that grandma is gone, goes about building a new relationship with her. With the help of a mysterious clown, they discover the meaning of family. 24th STreet Theatre's Ovation Award-winning production transports audiences from a quaint 1959 English seaside cottage to the spectacular big top of the circus.
10:15am–11:20am, Byham Theater

Company: DynamO Theatre (Showcase Alternate)
Title of Performance: I on the sky
Country: Canada
Age Range: 10+
Genre: Theatre
Website: http://www.dynamotheatre.qc.ca/

Photo: Robert Etccheverry
A bench in the wind, where a woman blown in by a storm finds refuge. Like all exiled people who are forced to flee and leave everything behind, she hopes for a better life. I on the sky focuses on exile and the hope left by those who disappear, on ghosts that haunt us all. It speaks of being open to others and resiliency, an unfathomable ability that allows us to move forward. It deals with life going on. I on the sky has no spoken lines. It leads audiences into a world of movement, imagery and music, where poetry sways reality.
11:45am–12:40pm, August Wilson Centre Theatre

Company: Dan Zanes
Title of Performance: Dan Zanes Gusto Hour
Country: USA
Age Range: All
Genre: Music
Website: http://www.danzanes.com/

Photo: Stephanie Mayers
The Dan Zanes song Gusto Hour is a chance for families and people of all ages to gather and sing at the top of their lungs with Grammy award winning musician Dan Zanes. The atmosphere is loose, communal, and festive! Show attendees are invited to bring their instruments with them to the performance!
4:30–5:30pm, Cultural Trust Arts Education Center, Peirce Studio

Company: The Okee Dokee Brothers
Title of Performance: Adventure Songs
Country: USA
Age Range: 2-10
Genre: Music
Website: http://www.okeedokee.org/

Photo: Alex Johnson
Adventure Songs is a musical performance of The Okee Dokee Brothers rooted in their childhood imaginations. Justin Lansing and Joe Mailander have been exploring the outdoors together since they were kids. Their extended canoe trip down the Mississippi River inspired their GRAMMY Award winning album Can You Canoe? and their trek along the Appalachian Trail is the subject of their forthcoming release, Through the Woods. With songs written by campfire and harmonies born on the water, the natural world is at the heart of their Americana folk music. Adventure Songs makes room for kids to dance, for parents to share stories, and for everyone to gain respect for nature, each other, and the world we live in.
4:30–5:30pm, Cultural Trust Arts Education Center, Peirce Studio

Company: Terrapin Puppet Theatre
Title of Performance: I Think I Can
Country: Australia
Age Range: 8+
Genre: Installation
Website: http://www.terrapin.org.au/

Photo: Harley Stumm
In I Think I Can, a model railway layout is placed in a public space, arts center or railway station. Participants are invited to take a "career test" on a custom built iPad Application and from their answers, are allocated an intricately detailed miniature puppet. They are invited to imagine themselves as this character and as they tell their story, a puppeteer animates the character into the miniature world. The puppet is filmed and the footage projected live onto screens above. As more characters arrive, a world where children make the decisions is created, with each participant's story documented in an online newspaper.
5:45–6:45pm, August Wilson Center Lobby-->

Company: Cirque Alfonse
Title of Performance: TIMBER!
Country: Canada
Age Range: 7+
Genre: Other
Website: http://www.johnlambert.ca/English/portfolios/cirque-alfonse/

Photo: Guillaume Morin
Timber! is a circus show featuring three generations of one woodsy Québecois family who juggle with axes, perform aerial acrobatics and stunts with lumberjack saws, clog-dance on a bungee, compete at log rolling and even chop veggies as they fly through the air in preparation for the family soup. This young circus troupe from the village in rural Québec has clearly drawn upon their country roots for the design of their acrobatic apparatus. Timber! is set to traditional music with fiddle, banjo, jaw harp and vocals all in live accompaniment to this show.
9:00–10:30pm, Byham Theatre

Thursday, January 23, 2014
Company: Teatro Paraiso
Title of Performance: KUBIK
Country: Spain
Age Range: 1–4
Genre: Theatre
Website: http://www.teatroparaiso.com/

Photo: Quintas Fotógrafos
KUBIK is inspired by games that allow children to experiment physically with their environment in order to understand it. By manipulating the objects within their reach, children open the door to their imagination. In KUBIK, two actors play a building game and toys are stacked and transformed as the actors create new spaces to explore. Their building is constantly changing, and the shapes they build with feature little screens where images suddenly appear! Discover the joy of creating and looking (at houses, trains, a forest, the sea...). Young audiences are immersed in a sensory universe where everything changes and everything transforms!
9:30–10:05am (Group A) & 11:45am–12:20pm (Group B), Cultural Trust Arts Education Center, 4th Floor

Title of Performance: EGG
Country: UK
Age Range: 4+
Genre: Theatre
Website: http://www.cahootsni.com/

Photo: Richard Watson
Egg is told through the medium of physical theatre, illusion and music. The show's theme of "flying from the nest" (which is just as resonant for adults as it is for children) gives Egg its real power.
9:30–10:10am (Group B) & 11:45am–12:25pm (Group A), Bricolage

Company: Wonderheads
Title of Performance: Grim and Fischer
Country: USA
Age Range: 10+
Genre: Theatre
Website: http://www.wonderheads.com/

Photo: Sean Dennie
Death meets his match in a tenacious grandmother not ready to breathe her last. In this comedy, the aging Mrs. Fischer is pitted against the Grim Reaper himself and must confront the inevitable question: what is it to know death is near? Can you ignore it? Can you escape it? Can you hit it in the face with a frying pan? Winner of six Best of Fest Awards, Grim and Fischer is performed in full-face mask, a wordless form which audiences have described as watching a "live-action cartoon." In this distinct style, with rich soundscapes, slapstick and deft physical performance, Grim and Fischer takes its audience on a journey that is at turns both hilarious and heart-breaking.
2:00–2:50pm, August Wilson Center Theater

Company: Contra-tiempo
Title of Performance: Full Still Hungry
Country: USA
Age Range: 11-18
Genre: Dance
Website: http://www.contra-tiempo.org/

Photo: Brant Brogan
Full Still Hungry is a full evening length journey conceived by Ana Maria Alvarez, featuring eight dancers with an original score by resident composer Cesar Alvarez and performed by a cast of musicians. The work aims to create an open and honest dialogue about how food, race, privilege, and cultural consumption impact our everyday lives. CONTRA-TIEMPO serves up a blend of physical intensity with contemplation and Urban Latin flavor.
7:30–8:30pm, Byham Theater

Friday, January 24, 2014
Company: Theatergroep Kwatta
Title of Performance: Manxmouse: The Mouse Who Knew No Fear
Country: Netherlands
Age Range: 6+
Genre: Theatre
Website: http://www.kwatta.info

Photo: Edwin Deen
The brave little Manxmouse is on a special journey. But can he survive fearsome foxes, terrified elephants and cats (big and small) to reach his destination? The Manxmouse is one-of-a-kind. He's the strangest little mouse you'll ever see, with bright blue fur, huge rabbit ears and a distinct lack of tail. But Manxmouse doesn't mind being different. He knows that destiny awaits him, and so Manxmouse sets out on an exciting adventure. He meets tigers and hawks and dastardly pet-shop owners, but there's someone he dreads and desires to meet more than anyone else. Someone who has been waiting for him all along... the Manx Cat.
9:15–10:15am (Group A) & 2:00–3:00pm (Group B), Cultural Trust Arts Education Center, 4th Floor

Company: L'Illusion, Théatre de marionnettes
Title of Performance: Under the stars
Country: Canada
Age Range: 5-11
Genre: Puppetry
Website: http://www.illusiontheatre.com/

Photo: Marie-Claude Pion-Chevalier
Based on the original German tale written by The Brothers Grimm, Under the Stars revisits and adapts the story of Hansel and Gretel with humor, actors and puppets. Under the Stars is an expedition in the world of storytelling. It focuses on a brother and a sister working together to face adversity and get through difficult times. As a result, they emerge stronger than before.
9:15–10:00am (Group B) & 2:00–2:45pm (Group A), Cultural Trust Arts Education Center, Peirce Studio

Company: arch8 dance group
Title of Performance: O snap
Country: Netherlands
Age Range: 12+
Genre: Dance
Website: http://arch8.org/

Photo: Konrad Simowski

o snap is a combination of urban dance and contemporary dance, a sort of hip-hop tanztheater. This performance is a story about the friendship between three individuals, the landscape of their relationship with each other and with the world.
12:00–12:55pm, August Wilson Center Theater

Company: Polyglot Theatre (Showcase Alternate)
Title of Performance: Paper Planet
Country: Australia
Age Range: 3–12-year-olds and families
Genre: Installation
Website: http://www.polyglottheatre.com/

Paper Planet is an imagined world filled with tall, strange cardboard trees, paper leaves, boulders, ponds and other mysterious forms that transform the space. Fantastic and unusual animals hang from the branches and sit around the trunks whilst audience members populate the space with their own creations and rustling paper selves. Paper Planet is guaranteed to have children and their families totally and literally wrapped up using the simplest of materials: paper, cardboard, and tape. This constantly changing artistic work is created live by Polyglot's artists, children, and their families using the simplest of materials: paper and cardboard. The artists aid children with their creations and explore the intersection between play and performance in this evolving world, accompanied by a live soundscape that transports everyone deeper and deeper into this fantastical shared creation!
5:30–7:45pm, August Wilson Center, Second Floor

Company: Tout à Trac
Title of Performance: Pinocchio
Country: Canada
Age Range: 6-10
Genre: Theatre
Website: http://www.toutatrac.com/

Photo: Jérémie Battaglia
Born from a talking piece of wood carved by the old Geppetto, the rebellious, cheeky and careless puppet Pinnochio discovers the meaning of growing up through a thousand trials. To become a real boy, he will have to: face Mangiafuoco (the terrible Puppet Master), suffer the malice of Mr. Fox and his sidekick (the Cat), escape from Toyland and save his father from the belly of the giant fish!
8:00–9:05pm, Byham Theater

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Company: The Escapists
Title of Performance: Boy Girl Wall
Country: Australia
Age Range: 15+
Genre: Theatre
Website: http://www.mapsforartists.com.au/site/2013/03/boy-girl-wall-the-escapists/

Photo: Jessica Walpole
Boy Girl Wall is the story of Thom and Alethea. Two neighbors in an apartment block, trying desperately to keep their lives from falling apart. But, the wall that stands between them has decided they belong together. Using chalk, sock puppets, an overhead projector and over two-dozen characters, actor Lucas Stibbard is supported by live music from Neridah Waters. This multi award-winning production has toured throughout Australia, playing to audiences enchanted by the physicality and simple story-telling of this devised performance.
9:15–10:25am, August Wilson Center Theater

Company: Strut and Fret
Title of Performance: KAPUT
Country: Australia
Age Range: 7-14
Genre: Mime/Physical Comedy
Website: http://www.strutnfret.com/

Photo: Sean Young
KAPUT is a mix of chaos, comedy and acrobatics for all ages! Tom Flanagan, the star of Tom Tom Crew and Circus Oz presents "Buffoonery at its finest, climaxing in a surprising "piece of acrobatics," Three Weeks (UK). This clumsy "Mr. Fix-It" takes one step forwards and two steps back in this silent movie-esque debacle!
4:30–5:30pm, August Wilson Center Theater

Company: Jump Leads and Jessica Wilson
Title of Performance: STILL AWAKE STILL!
Country: Australia
Age Range: 4-12 (with families)
Genre: Musical Theatre
Website: http://www.stillawakestilltours.net

Photo: Elizabeth Honey
STILL AWAKE STILL! is a musical theatre work with child-appeal and a sophistication that delights adults and children alike. It's unpredictable, with the glamour of a big night out. Part-concert, part-theatre, the entire show emerges from beneath the lid of a grand piano. Featuring acoustic music, comic acting and a visual world of surprises, STILL AWAKE STILL! is a unique experience. Miss Ivory Tinklefinger, Queen of Sleep, has the absurd task of singing the audience to sleep. On a grand piano, she performs her lullabies. But not only does she fail to put a single child to sleep, she also conjures two mischievous musical boys from the heart of the piano. What's happening? Who is in control here? And can she resist the temptation to join in? Inspired by parents' daily challenge of putting their little ones to bed, STILL AWAKE STILL! explores the tussle between order and chaos, rest and play, reason and intuition, in a drama that celebrates the process of creativity.
6:45–7:35pm, Byham Theater

Company: Barking Gecko Theatre Company
Title of Performance: Driving Into Walls
Country: Australia
Age Range: 13+
Genre: Theatre
Website: http://www.barkinggecko.com.au/

Photo: John Green
Kissing, fighting, laughing, dancing and confessing... Drawn from over 500 starkly honest and highly confidential interviews with West Australian teens, this play draws back the curtain on what it means to be young in our modern, media-driven society. Five teenagers walk an emotional tightrope of online and offline relationships, colliding with one another and driving into the walls built around them. This production gives you a raw and voyeuristic view of their deepest secrets, rages, anxieties and hopes.

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