Showcase 2016: Showcase Artists

Showcase 2016 Artists will be announced in August 2015.

Showcase 2015 Arists are listed here:
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Company: Polyglot Theatre
Title of Performance: Ants
Country: Australia
Age Range: 2–12 years
Genre: Installation
Website: polyglot.org.au
Ants is a work that brings human-sized ants into a public space for a mix of roving performance and large scale interaction with children and their adults. The Ants enter the public space in search of food. Intent upon their task, they barely notice the children who are drawn irresistibly to them. Gradually, the children begin to understand that the Ants want them to bring them food as the Ants gather crumb after giant crumb. The crumbs, hundreds of them, form beautiful wavering lines, transforming a landscape and constantly changing and making new pattern, allowing the child to be part of the clan and creators of the landscape.

Company: Bardavon Opera House
Title of Performance: Rhapsody in Black
Country: USA
Age Range: 12+
Genre: Theatre
Website: http://www.kidsentertainment.net/roster/rhapsody-in-black/

Leland Gantt of Rhapsody in Black
Developed at the Actors Studio in NYC in 2013, Rhapsody in Black follows one man's spellbinding personal journey through an underprivileged childhood in the ghettos of McKeesport, Pennsylvania to teenage experiments with crime and drugs to scholastic achievement and an acting career that lands him in situations where he is virtually the only African American in the room.

Company: Dead Puppet Society
Title of Performance: Argus
Country: Australia
Age Range: 4+
Genre: Puppetry
Website: http://www.deadpuppetsociety.com.au

Photo: Dylan Evans
Step into this whimsical wonderland where table-tops grow grass and water bottles become the depths of the ocean. Making use of nothing but household objects and the performers' hands, Argus transcends from the simple to the sublime as it explores the attempts of a fragile little creature to find a home in a world where he just doesn't fit in. Working on principles of found objects and transformation, this quietly touching piece highlights the beauty of an impossible life; one that is full of playfulness, joy and laughter.

Company: Green Thumb Theatre
Title of Performance: tagged
Country: Canada
Age Range: 13+
Genre: Theatre
Website: http://www.greenthumb.bc.ca

Photo: Mark Halliday, Moonrider Productions
The anonymous online world gives us permission to say and do things we would never do in real life. But where do we draw the line between fun and maliciousness? The harsh realities of cyber bullying and what happens when we're discovered come to a head in tagged. As an Officer investigates Jerri and Webber, two young adults, in the incessant online harassment of a fellow student, not all is as it appears to be. Torn from the headlines, tagged dissects the dangerous potential for harm that exists between social media and young minds.

Company: H'SAO
Title of Performance: H'SAO
Country: Canada
Age Range: 10+
Genre: World Music & Dance
Website: http://www.hsao.ca/

Photo: Laeticia Jourdan
Montreal Afro-pop group H'Sao draws inspiration from gospel, soul, R&B, and their roots in the African country of Chad. Formed by three brothers and one childhood friend, all singer-songwriters, the group features a unique style of masterful a cappella singing that sets them apart on the vast soundscape of world music. With H'Sao's hopeful lyrics, the energy is palpable and the joie de vivre is irresistible!

Title of Performance: Another Little Dance
Country: Belgium
Age Range: 4+
Genre: Dance
Website: http://www.hetpaleis.be/english
Another Little Dance is a new and glorious dance performance for preschoolers and their parents with plenty of familiar movements. There's a garden party. There are children playing under the tables. There are three little girls with ribbons in their hair, wearing their prettiest shoes and two little boys with freshly-combed hair, wearing their best trousers. They jump up and fall down, push and pull, and tease each other to set everything straight again.

Company: Theatre Alibi
Title of Performance: I Believe in Unicorns
Country: United Kingdom
Age Range: 6–12
Genre: Theatre
Website: http://www.theatrealibi.co.uk/

Photo: Steve Tanner
I Believe in Unicorns is an imaginative theatrical adaptation of the book by War Horse author Michael Morpurgo. Set in Croatia during the 1990s, the story centers on a young boy who far prefers playing in the mountains to school or books, but when an inspirational librarian arrives in town, she opens his eyes to the power of stories. And when war breaks out, books and stories become all the more essential. Theatre Alibi's production draws on physical theatre, storytelling, puppetry, object animation and live music.

Company: Mucca Pazza
Title of Performance: A Little Marching Band
Country: USA
Age Range: 2+
Genre: Music
Website: http://www.muccapazza.com/

Photo: EvaBlue
Mucca Pazza orchestrates fun, wholesome, all-American excitement through genre-bending original compositions, improvised choreography and clowning. Sporting mismatched marching regalia and shouting surreal algebraic cheers, Mucca Pazza moves and plays at once, darting off in different directions and weaving in and out of the crowd, channeling everything from brass band groove to avant-garde game show themes without blinking.

Company: Patch Theatre
Title of Performance: The Moon's a Balloon
Country: Australia
Age Range: 4–8
Genre: Theatre
Website: http://www.patchtheatre.org.au
The Moon's a Balloon is a vibrant new Patch Theatre production that celebrates balloons, play, friendship, creativity and connection. It's a delicious visual-theatre feast of music, image, light, digital imagery and story that delights the hearts and minds of 4-8 year olds and beyond. Inspired by the ee cummings poem of the same name, the show reveals how amazing possibilities arise from the simplest of things.

Company: Recess Monkey
Title of Performance: Tambourine Submarine
Country: United States
Age Range: 2–10
Genre: Music
Website: http://www.recessmonkeytown.com
Recess Monkey invites the audience to board their imaginary "Tambourine Submarine," a musical craft powered by rhythm that transports kids and families to exotic locales and hysterical happenstances. By way of insanely catchy and well-crafted pop gems, the audience encounters an octopus who tells knock-knock jokes; "Fish Sticks," a drumming fish who can play every kind of beat imaginable; and a diving board so high that it breaks open the dance floor as kids jump as high as they can. The show is rife with opportunities for children and families to sing and laugh along and dance with abandon.

Company: Cas Public
Title of Performance: Symphonie Dramatique
Country: Canada
Age Range: 10+
Genre: Dance
Website: http://www.caspublic.org/english/shows/symphonie-dramatique/

Photo: Damian Siqueiros
Symphonie Dramatique is a mordant look at the mythical couple of Romeo and Juliette. Their adaptation geared to audiences 10 and up draws from William Shakespeare's romantic masterpiece to evoke notions of seduction, desire, unchained passion, and death. In this highly contemporary version, eight of the company's dancers present a vibrant homage to the original tale tinged with impetuousness and contagious energy. A paean to the impossible and the battle that must be waged to fulfill one's destiny, this powerful and sober work sheds new light on the most famous love story of all time.

Company: Oorkaan/Percossa
Title of Performance: The Box Brothers
Country: Netherlands
Age Range: 4+
Genre: Music and Movement
Website: http://www.oorkaan.nl/English/de-gebroeders-kist

Photo: Ronald Knapp
Once upon a time there were four brothers who lived in a box, together with their best friend Big Drum. Their names were Oldest, Middlemost, Youngest and Simpleton. One day they set out on a quest for happiness, the start of an exciting musical adventure. The Box Brothers is an energetic, acrobatic and funny music performance with lots of percussion, performed by four percussionists. The story is being told by the music and movements of the musicians, and is almost without words. The four wooden boxes of the set can be any object in the story and... percussion instruments.

Company: Robin Frohardt
Title of Performance: The Pigeoning
Country: USA
Age Range: 12+
Genre: Puppetry
Website: http://www.thepigeoning.com/

Photo: Rob Long
Obsessed with cleanliness and order, Frank is also plagued by pigeons. Convinced the pigeons are plotting against him, Frank sets out on an adventure to solve a problem that perhaps isn't really there? The Pigeoning is a darkly comedic yet heartfelt story that spins articulate puppetry, live music, and lo-fi special effects into an epic tale about the illusion of safety and control in the context of the end of the world. The Pigeoning takes a look at the divide between man and nature at time when listening to the animals may be our best bet...

Company: Theatergroep Kwatta
Title of Performance: Love that Dog – Based on the novel of Sharon Creech
Country: Netherlands
Age Range: 8+
Genre: Theatre
Website: http://www.kidsentertainment.net/roster/love-that-dog/

Photo: Edwin Deen
"I guess it does
look like a poem
when you see it
typed up
like that."

Jack hates poetry. Only girls write it and every time he tries to, his brain feels empty. But his teacher, Ms. Stretchberry, won't stop giving her class poetry assignments – and Jack can't avoid them. But then something amazing happens. The more he writes, the more he learns he does have something to say.

With a fresh and deceptively simple style, acclaimed author Sharon Creech tells a story with enormous heart. Written as a series of free-verse poems from Jack's point of view, Love That Dog shows how one boy finds his own voice with the help of a teacher, a writer, a pencil, some yellow paper, and of course, a dog.

Company: Lu Kemp and Macrobert Arts Centre
Title of Performance: Titus
Country: United Kingdom
Age Range: 10+
Genre: Theater
Website: http://www.macrobert.org/our-productions/titus/

A drama about telling big lies and small truths. About pigs that fall in love. About crows that talk. About running away from grief and finding yourself. The story of a 10 year-old boy on the edge – literally on the roof of his school – confronted by a situation that seems hopeless. He can either give up or fight.

Titus, originally written by Belgian writer Jan Sobrie, was awarded the Dutch-German Author Prize in 2007 and is considered one of Europe's most successful plays for young people. This new English version, written by Oliver Emanuel and directed by Lu Kemp, premiered at the Imaginate Festival, Edinburgh in May 2012.

Company: Brian Sanders' JUNK
Title of Performance: SKINK
Country: USA
Age Range: 5 and up
Genre: Dance & Acrobatics
Website: http://www.briansandersjunk.com/

SKINK is an interactive and imaginative blend of acrobatics and dance, for children and families by Brian Sanders' JUNK. The show explores ideas for using found, discarded, and unwanted materials in unexpected ways through a series of fast-paced vignettes set to a wide range of music from pop to traditional and classical. The audience is guided through the vignettes by a madcap ringmaster. There are two recurring characters — The Skink (Lizard) and an old man (The Last Vaudevillian).

Company: Etienne Borgers
Title of Performance: Mister Mølsk
Country: Netherlands
Age Range: 4–8
Genre: Musical Theater/Opera
Website: http://www.etienneborgers.nl

What's the difference between a howling dog, a howling wind and a howling baby? Mister Mølsk has no idea, since he never paid attention. Not to people, not to animals and above all not to nature. Then he accidentally disturbs the Museum of Sound. For the first time in his life Mister Mølsk uses his ears and discovers a world which he didn't know existed. Guided by sound and music he makes a wonderful journey. Mister Mølsk is a musical ode to the imagination. Poetic and brave for children upper 4, everywhere in the world. Mister Mølsk is a co production with Nordland Visual Theatre (NO).

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