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Tall Stories Theatre Company, United Kingdom, Former Showcase Performer
It's pretty wonderful how our field has changed for the better over the past decade. In theaters, performing arts centers, rehearsal rooms, classrooms - we all, sort of simultaneously, reached the same tipping point and united in common cause toward making the experiences we provided our children and young people even more excellent than we'd previously imagined.

A vital part of this change was the group that re-envisioned the old showcase committee as a new and dynamic organization called IPAY, not only about buying and selling, but also about training, conversation, development, and growing the field.

Kim Peter Kovac, Producing Director, Theater for Young Audiences, The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

IPAY Member Benefits

As an IPAY member you can plan on sharing in these great member benefits:

If you are thinking of applying to Showcase, or plan on attending any of the learning community sessions, then you cannot afford not to join! In many cases, membership discounts on conference fees and learning community sessions total more than the cost of membership itself!

We hope you will join us in our efforts to promote and advance the highest quality performing arts for young people across North America and the World!

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