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I firmly believe that providing young people with excellent, innovative arts and literacy programs is the key to growing compassionate, contributive citizens of the future—men and women who can transcend the challenges of our time and preserve the grace and health of our planet. IPAY represents the finest young audience presenters, performing artists and educators, which puts them at the forefront of this important effort. I endorse them, and their work, wholeheartedly.
Past Keynote Speaker Julie Andrews

International Performing Arts for Youth [IPAY] is the premiere membership organization in the world today servicing and supporting the professional community of performing arts for young audiences. Our membership is comprised of a growing worldwide network of artists, producers, presenters, agents, educators and students that are dedicated and involved in producing, presenting and promoting all forms of theatre, music, dance, circus, puppetry and more.

Cicro Teatro Udi Grudi, Brazil, Former Showcase Performer

We share best practices and industry resources, provide an annual community meeting place, and stimulate international dialogue and collaboration. IPAY is a bridge that brings together creative expression with business practicality, critical responsiveness and professional development.

THE IPAY MISSION is to create professional and educational opportunities supporting meaningful performing arts experiences for young audiences in North America.


  • artistic excellence and innovation
  • the intellectual, emotional, and aesthetic growth and development of our audiences
  • participation, collaboration, and partnership among the professional (global) community
  • investment in performing arts for young audiences
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